#3 - Best Tall Overhead Sun Shade Camping Tarp

GEERTOP 4-7 persons Large Waterproof Rain Fly Sun Shelter Tent Tarp 14,5 feet x 13.5 feet for Camping - Poles included

We absolutely love this camping tarp. It's the perfect size for giving you overhead sun protection and there's plenty of room for up to 7 adults to stand under it. And it's great for having over your table so you can eat or hang out in the shade or under cover.

What's extra cool about this tarp is that it has a silver lining on the underside of the tent that provides UV50+ protection so you won't get burned by the sun. It's a fantastic feature.

And we found it surprisingly easy to carry with it's handy carry bag. The poles are light but strong and they separate to make carrying a breeze.

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#4 - Best Large General Use Camping Tarp

uxcell Tarps 20Ft x 20Ft 11 Mil Blue Poly Tarp - Thick Waterproof Tarpaulin with Grommets, Camping Tarp

If you're in the market for a great ground tarp or general use tarp, you'll find that this one fits the bill.

First of all, it's massive - a full 20 foot by 20 foot. We found that to be the perfect size for the footprint of our camp.

Secondly, we found that the 11 Mil thickness is the perfect size for weight vs. usability. It's light enough to carry when folded without noticing it, yet thick enough to keep out any and all elements. And all gromets are metal and we experienced no tearing or other issues when hung, even in moderate to high wind conditions.

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What we've shown you are the best camping tarps we've found to fit all of your camping needs.

For the best camping experience, we'd suggest taking a combination of tarps to ensure that inclement weather or a soggy location doesn't damper your experience.

To be more specific, we would recommend having a large ground tarp (which is general purpose and could be used to cover gear or hung overhead if needed) as well as a nice, large camping tarp to protect you and your party from the sun and to define a communal space for eating and relaxing. Finally, when it's time for sleep, you'll want to make sure that each person has his or her own tarp to protect them from overhead elements and to give them privacy as they sleep off the ground.